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Full-time medical care on-site 24/7 with professionals you can trust.

Camp Wapiyapi has at least one doctor and two nurses on camp grounds 24 hours a day for the entire session of camp to care for the campers. If your camper is there, our medical team is there. Day and night.

Our medical team is comprised of professionals from local hospitals including Children’s Hospital Colorado and University of Colorado. Many of our doctors and nurses already know your kids and have been volunteering at our camp for many years.

There is a nurse’s cabin stocked with basic first aid, as well as more simple oncology needs (kids with a port can attend). Most of the patients are in between their treatments, but oral chemo can be administered. The medical staff assures that every child receives all of their medications while at camp. The Estes Park Medical Center is nearby for any emergencies outside the scope of the facility at camp.