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Be a summer counselor

Volunteer at Camp

There are several volunteer positions available at Camp Wapiyapi. Volunteers must apply to be either part of the camp staff or a member of the medical team.

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Volunteer During the Year

There are lots of volunteer opportunities that don't involve attending camp. We are always looking for people to serve on a committee or board of directors. There are also numerous one time opportunities.

Buy Camp Supplies

Donate Camp Supplies

You can support Camp Wapiyapi by donating items purchased from our Amazon Wish List. These are arts and crafts items for camp and it is a great way to help the campers directly.

Start a Fundraiser

Host a Fundraiser

Have a bake sale, host a cocktail party or organize a 5K race. Anything you are passionate about can become an event to raise money for Camp Wapiyapi!

Make a Donation

Your donation, no matter what size, will help send a child facing cancer to camp. We can't do this without your help. Your gift may qualify for the Child Care Contribution Credit.